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Select Collectors Club (SCC) 2023; New Applications Open!

The highly anticipated details surrounding the Select Collectors Club (SCC) 2023 new applications process have been revealed! Starting from 12pm on Saturday 18th of February, Select will be allowing those who have missed out on an SCC membership in previous years to apply for the 2023 release calendar. The specific number of new memberships available will be published after the current renewals have been processed, and new applications have been processed.

For those who are unaware of the entitlements that SCC has to offer, possessing a membership guarantees access to at least one (1) box from each Select major release up until December 31st 2023! Other benefits include exclusive access to any SCC Members only products and releases, plus any other SCC Member Only benefits in the future. Find below the steps YOU need to take in order to secure your SCC membership for 2023!


Use this link: SCC Membership 2023, to FIRST purchase your membership by adding to cart (this item will show as SOLD OUT until 12pm on Saturday the 18th of February). DO NOT complete the application form until after purchase and have access to your #SA order number. Adding any other items to cart alongside your SCC membership will result in the order number being automatically cancelled.


Use this link: SCC Application Form to complete the SCC application form after purchasing membership!


Finalise the application form by 6pm Tuesday the 21st of February. Should your application be successful, you shall be welcomed into the SCC with your account upgraded to SCC Member Status!

Few things to mention with the application process, most of the information required is personal to each individual. However if order to successfully apply for the membership, you need to provide VOUCHES of existing SCC members who can potentially be contacted to confirm the validity of your application. Its also required to answer which social media card communities you frequent as well as any Hobby Stores that you've acquired Select products from in the past!


  • SCC Membership is for personal use only

  • Memberships are NOT transferable

  • One SCC Membership per household, unless written exception is given by Select

  • Select can request a secure ID check at any time to confirm the identity of the applicant

  • Application approval is at the sole discretion of select, if application is deemed successful it will be marked as FULFILLED. Unsuccessful applications will be mark as CANCELLED/REFUNDED

  • Any abuse of membership will result in immediate termination with no refund on the purchase. Termination of SCC is at the sole discretion of Select with NO option for appeal or review

  • SCC DOES NOT affect your ability to acquire product through General Releases

  • Previously terminated members are not eligible to re-apply

Good luck to all of those who are applying for SCC for the first time! This membership is one of the BEST initiatives Select have introduced in recent times and its value is unmatched, especially towards the pointy end of the year!

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