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Who are we?

Card Authority has quickly become your #1 resource for all things trading cards created for trading card enthusiasts by trading card enthusiasts. Whether you're a collector, investor, speculator, re-seller, wholesaler, manufacturer CA is here to provide insights and conversation around all these areas and more. 


Following their mutual passion and interest in trading cards AJ & AJ decided to team up in August 2020 from lockdown in Melbourne Australia to produce the first episode of Card Authority. Recording off the cuff through Zoom for the first time the guys uploaded the content to SoundCloud to an overwhelming response from their audience and immediate calls for more.

The Card Authority show can now be found across all good outlets and also live streams directly through our facebook page. This includes short clips from our regular segments including AJ’s Mailbag, Cardboard School and the hugely successful Unicorn Hunting. Click here to listen/view all the CA content.  

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Meet Adam


Adam started collecting cards as a kid in the late 80’s and 90’s in Melbourne Australia. With his two older brothers they used to buy and sell cards at the Croydon Market and like many kids of that era spent a lot of time in local card stores. Fast forward to 2018 when Adam rekindled his passion for sports trading cards having gone in search of some AFL cards for his then  4 year old son Dylan.


After completing Dylan’s set for the year they set out on a journey to master set St Kilda AFL cards. Adam has and continues to be involved in many aspects of trading cards in Australia including being a co-founder of the RGV - Randomly Generated Victories platform and the Really Good Vibes Sports Card Community(Facebook). His passion for trading cards and thirst for knowledge has ensured Adam has been a mainstay of the Australian Trading Card scene in recent years.


Adam has a vast background in Music & Entertainment which spans two decades and has seen him involved in concert touring, artist management, record labels/publishing, media & rights management and more. Adam has previously and continues to serve on a number of advisory boards of non government organisations as well as providing strategic advice on a regular basis to the State and Federal governments as a representative of the Creative Industries & Arts sector.

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Meet Andrew

Andrew would be classed as one of the new generation of collectors who recently fell back in love with the hobby again. After collecting NBA cards in the 80's and 90's and spending many afternoons at his local card shop, he took a break from the hobby for a few decades.


As with many of the collectors who have come back to the game, Andrew dived head first back into collecting in 2020, a mad Richmond Tigers supporter and Dustin Martin fan, it was a natural fit for him to be obsessed with collecting anything and everything Tigers, something that he looks forward to sharing with his two young sons as they grow up.. Establishing himself in the community very quickly, he was able to form strong relationships with all the key players on not only a collecting level, but also a commercial one. You will find that most nights AJ is always happy to be involved in a debate or taking part in a box break in one of the many Facebook communities that he is involved in.


Andrew has an extensive background in Marketing, Sports Data and Wagering, where currently his day to day activities are now focused in the Daily Fantasy Sports sector.

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