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As sad as it is to say, we have now completed our final week of transaction from the Buy/Sell/Hold series. It's been a blast, and if you told me almost 20 weeks ago what we could achieve with a starting balance of $1000, I probably wouldn't have believed you. With cash to spend and zero cards purchased, we walk away with just over $1,800 of remaining cards and a cash balance of $1,150. Not to mention how close we got to our secondary target of amassing another $1,000 profit in the space of 5 weeks, falling agonizingly close and missing the mark by $50 and change. As weeks have gone by, it's been so enjoyable interacting with you all either privately or through post engagement. Particularly over the last 5 weeks, I feel like interest in the series has really peaked. Which is another reason why I'm sad to put the metaphorical 'cue in the rack' until we revamp the series for next year. There will be ANOTHER article posted next week, however it will be more focused on reflection on the series as a whole, and pondering the lessons that were learnt along the way. Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoy the final 7 days of Buy/Sell/Hold as much as I did!


This last week was all about squeezing the remaining liquidity from our existing inventory to try make a late dash towards the finish line in attempts to crack the $2,000 profit goal. To be honest, inventory maintenance is probably something I should've taken greater interest in throughout the Buy/Sell/Hold journey, but we can talk more about that next week. Relisting items and toggling with different prices was something that kept me busy, but I also didn't want to start 'fire-selling' all of our hard work for the sake of $50. That was never the point of the series, and given the real-world scenarios I'm trying to emulate, where there aren't any pressing time restrictions, I would never advise anyone to slash prices on cards. So despite the allure of ticking the final box on the series, I restrained myself from excessive selling. I also turned my attention to Facebook groups, where many collectors are trying to rid themselves of any unwanted Legacy inserts. I knew that from last Saturday through to Tuesday was realistically my buying window for cards to arrive in time to potentially sell, and tried to target cards which had instant flipping appeal. Much like the methods we followed at the very beginning of the series. As you can tell from the 'Buy's' section, I think there is still great value in some of Legacy's middle-tiered inserts, in particular the Vortex's, which seem to be regularly listed from anywhere between $20-40. As mentioned last week, looking back on historical data for cards numbered to 60, these prices fall well below expected value, and I don't think you can go wrong picking up the collectable players for those types of prices. In saying this, we were able to snag a quick sale at the siren to cap off our 20-week experiment. There won't be too much discussion on our weekly purchases, but let's have a look at some cards you should keep an eye out for in the coming weeks!


George Wardlaw Vortex 47/60, Reuben Ginbey Vortex 59/60, Tim English Vortex 11/60 - $20 each

Keep an eye out for these unmarked 'rookie year' cards of this year's draft crop. Even the likes of Wardlaw and Ginbey are being bundled into that $20-40 price bracket. I think given the fact they are first year inserts, they'll have steady demand in the weeks to come, and we are already beginning to see a large portion of these cards dry up.

Errol Gulden Vortex 47/60, Noah Balta Prime Draft 32/100 - $60 combined

It might be the last week of transactions, but I couldn't help myself but include a cheeky 'bundle-buy' of two box-hits from Legacy. Errol is quickly turning into the most promising player from that 2020 draft class, and I expect his cards to enter the price ranges of some of the league's other superstars.


Sam Taylor Base 19/90, 'AFL GEM Football' 2023 - $17.50 : $10.15 Loss, -46% ROI

Jye Amiss Vortex 24/60 *JN*, Legacy 2023 - $110 : $32.05 Profit, 53% ROI

Dom Sheed Carbon 13/195, Footy Stars 2023 -$8.99 : $3.96 Profit, 125% ROI

Mattaes Phillipou Gold DPS 87/90, Legacy 2023 - $135 : $43.61, 62% ROI

West Coast Platinum Premiership Predictor 18/60, Footy Stars 2023 - $22 : $14.28 Profit, 449% ROI

Tim Kelly Platinum Brownlow Predictor 21/60, Footy Stars 2023 - $25 : $16.87 Profit, 531% ROI

Aliir Aliir Carbon 39/195, Footy Stars 2023 - $9.99 : $6.02 Profit, 301% ROI

Mitch Georgiades Carbon 129/195, Footy Stars 2023 - $8.99 : $5.14 Profit, 257% ROI

Tim Membrey Carbon 169/195, Footy Stars 2023 - $8.99 : $3.64 Profit, 104% ROI

Nic Naitanui Carbon 139/195, Footy Stars 2023 - $11.99 : $6.60 Profit, 208% ROI

Errol Gulden Vortex 47/60, Legacy 2023 - $95 : $38.97, 97% ROI

Port Adelaide Platinum Rising Star Predictor, Footy Stars 2023 - $25.99 : $17.21 Profit, 861% ROI


Referring to the trusty graphic above, this is how the series finishes up! When we first started, my BIGGEST concern was the selling aspect of the series, as it's the one aspect that isn't within my control. But to finish with a greater 'Total Sales' than 'Total Spent', I think that's the result I'm most pleased about. Will I lose sleep over the remaining $37.76? Although tilting, I'm just happy we got somewhere in the vicinity to keep the content interesting. As I said in the intro, I will be writing another article next week, simply reflecting on the series that was. What we did well, what we could learn from, and importantly what aspects of the series we can change when the series inevitably returns for its second installment next year! Once again, thank you so much for reading, and I hope throughout all of this some of you are able to apply the teaching of our deals to apply to your own collections. Until next week, see you then!


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