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During *Episode 42* of the Card Authority podcast, the AJ's discussed all the fallout from the Select Collectors Club application/renewal process, whether the current prices of 'Supremacy Rookies' are too low, whilst also providing some tips for new collectors whose first release may be the impeding Footy Stars 2023! The boys also introduced a BRAND NEW segment called 'Changed My Mind', where Janks had to convince AJ as to whether having a premium release to kick of the trading card calendar is a GOOD thing!

Missed last nights podcast and want to catch up? Find below all the links to the major talking points throughout the podcast so you can keep up with community discussion!

Card Authority Podcast is AVAILABLE NOW to stream on Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, & Apple Podcasts! To watch any previous episodes, click the link to catch up on any other Card Authority content you might've missed out on!

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