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Select Australia have introduced a way to earn rewards from the money you’re spending at checkout via their website! The ‘Stars’ system has allowed collectors to receive added benefits such as order discounts, free shipping, and accessories coupons, which are redeemable when purchasing Select products.

So how can you reap the rewards from money you’re already spending? By creating a personal profile on Select’s website, it allows your purchases to be reciprocated with ‘Select Stars’. For every $1 you spend at checkout, you receive 2 ‘Stars which accumulate over time until you wish to redeem one of the offered benefits. For instance during Optimum 2022, if you were able to secure your 2 boxes from general public release plus potentially any SCC allocation you’re entitled to, you could have accrued close to $20 in discount codes in that single transaction alone!

Here’s what the Rewards breakdown comprises of:

  • 2500 Stars = Free Shipping Coupon

  • 5000 Stars = 10% Off Coupon

  • 1000 Stars = Card Armour Coupon ($10)

  • 1000 Stars = Order Discount Voucher ($10)

How else can you earn ‘Select Stars’ without spending additional money? By signing up for the Rewards Program, you receive an automatic 200 stars, plus you can receive up to 475 stars by following and liking Select Australia's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms! Another way you can earn Stars’ is by referring other collectors to the Rewards Program. Every person who uses your referral code receives a $5 discount voucher whilst also giving the referee a voucher of the same amount. A win-win!

It’s always good to remind others about the savings they are potentially missing out on, especially those unaware of the Rewards program and have been spending frequently with Select! So check your ‘Stars’ balance and start saving on your trading card products today!

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