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Three weeks into our hobby experiment of trying to turn $1000 into $2000, and the 'selling monkey' is firmly off our backs! During the past 7 days, I've made some 'Predictor' purchases which in my mind make sense, whether they make sense in 7 or 14 days time is yet to be determined! But hey, this whole experience is about giving collectors the tools to replicate this process for themselves, and making mistakes is all a part of the learning process. Anyways, enough babbling, let's get into this week's edition of 'Buy/Sell/Hold In Action' and see how the past 7 days unfolded!

If you are reading this series for the first time, and are unaware of the rules of this challenge, feel free to go back to 'Buy/Sell/Hold Week 1', where we outline all the guidelines surrounding the ways I can buy and sell trading cards!


The strategy for this week is focused mainly on our 'back of house' operations! Some of the cards we purchased in Week 1 are still in our possession, which is okay! But it probably gives us enough of a sample size to start questioning why some cards are selling faster than others. Is the listed price too high? Is time of listing an applicable factor? Did I purchase the card for more than I originally thought I could move it? All questions that I'll be trying to answer for my own processes this week and will report back next week with the results!

In terms of buying, we are still just trying to buy and sell a volume of cards, which mainly focuses on lower end cards. However as you can see, my buying strategy has loosened since Week 1, with some attempted predictor flipping, which I wouldn't massively recommend if you are new to the space of buying and selling cards, and just focus on the micro-transactional pickups!


Gold Coast Platinum Rising Star Predictor 24/60, Footy Stars 2023 - $29

The 'Rising Star' race has in my opinion reached a slight lull, with both Harry Sheezel and Will Ashcroft's performances slightly stalling, which has drawn some attention back to the chasing pack of other hopefuls! One of those hopefuls is Bailey Humphrey who has probably been the most impressive draftee across the past 4-5 weeks. While there's still a small part of me that says Humphrey's is a knockout chance to take out the award, it's also pretty likely he'll succumb to one of Sheezel, Ashcroft, or even Mitch Owens. But lucky for me I don't need him to win... I just need him to perform strongly over the next little period to spark some interest in his chances! There's also currently NO other Platinum Predictors of his on the market, which was definitely a part of my thinking when purchasing this card. $29 risk, let's see if it pays off!

Corey Durdin Futures 81/95, Optimum 2022 - $14

It might surprise you, but this particular insert was one of the most highly demanded cards in Optimum 2022! Even though this Corey Durdin Futures is numbered to 95, many Carlton collectors struggled to acquire this card for their sets which saw prices reach crazy heights compared to other cards in the print run. With this knowledge, when I saw this card pop up for $10, it was a very easy purchase!

Platinum Essendon Premiership Predictor 16/60, Footy Stars 2023 - $54

Purchased from the same seller as the Durdin, I saw this card listed on the sales thread and was tempted by the price to try my luck with an Essendon Premiership Predictor! I must admit, for safety purposes I waited for the result of the Bombers game vs Carlton before finalising my purchase. I've been a big believer in Essendon's finals hopes this year, and the win against Carlton really solidified my thoughts when looking at the Bombers remaining fixtures! Much like the Humphreys Predictor, I'm not relying on Essendon winning the flag to move this card on, but just hoping a little bit of Essendon fandom clicks into gear, giving me some room for profit! Only one other 'Platinum Predictor' is listed on eBay for $100, so again I've tried to create a selling window for myself in between the $50-100 mark!

Bulk Lot: Nasaiah Wanganeen-Milera Parallel, Sam Darcy Parallel, Jack Steele Metal AA - $48.50

Bulk buying is always preferable in challenges like this to minimise spending on postage, and these 3 cards plus tracked postage for $3.50 was something I could get behind! Picking up both the rookie parallels for $10 was a no-brainer, and even though the Al-Australian cards copped a bit of flack during Optimum 2022, it's still a box hit numbered to 80 for less than $30. Steal! (literally hehe)

Richmond Wildcard Platinum Brownlow Predictor 52/60, Footy Stars 2023 (Tim Taranto) - $112

I'm really entering every predictor market at the moment, but I swear it's not on purpose! Similarly to the Rising Star race, I also believe the favourite for the Brownlow Medal in Nick Daicos has stalled a touch, leaving the door ajar for players like Zak Butters, Christian Petracca, and more importantly Tim Taranto! Considering Marcus Bontempelli Platinum Predictors are still selling in excess of $255, I think the deal on the Taranto Wildcard for $112 was definitely worth considering. Worst comes to worst, it's a Richmond card numbered to 60, but the way that Tigers fans are reacting in recent weeks, many believe their new marquee player is a live chance to win!

Seamus Mitchell Copper Draft Pick Signature 115/170 - $29

Moving back to more simpler pickups, I decided to pick up this Seamus Mitchell Copper Draft Pick Signature when it popped up on a sales thread for $29 posted! If you aren't familiar with Seamus, he was actually DELISTED by Hawthorn at the end of last year, to then be selected again by the Hawks in the 'Rookie Draft'. Since then he's well-exceeded expectations and had suddenly become an exciting prospect at Hawthorn for years to come! Playing regularly, hopefully this card can be moved swiftly should he continue to perform at the level he's currently displaying!


James Worpel Red Parallel JN 005/170, Prestige 2020 - $40 : $10.59 Profit, 51% ROI

Corey Durdin Futures 81/95, Optimum 2022 - $55 : $30.52 Profit, 218% ROI

Nick Daicos Rising Star Nominee 434/626 - $38 : $5.61 Profit, 23% ROI

Sam Banks Copper Draft Pick Signature 149/170, Optimum 2022 - $35 : $4.04 Profit, 17% ROI

Richmond Plat. Wildcard Brownlow Predictor 52/60, Footy Stars 2023 - $265 : $114.69 Profit, 102% ROI


Nasaiah Wanganeen-Milera Futures 24/95, Optimum 2022

The first 'Hold' of the series! When I bought this card in a bundle deal only last week, and I thought it was very reasonably priced. However, I didn't carry out my due diligence and found out there was another variant listed on eBay for literally exactly what I paid for it! My gut tells me that this card's price will steadily increase over time with scarcity and consistent performances from Wanganeen-Milera, which is definitely plausible! The 'Futures' set is one that I resonate a lot with as a collector, so it will be interesting following this card's price trajectory!

3 weeks down, only $25 away from our original starting cash balance, with still 10 cards in our possession! We've been able to follow our strategy closely by getting 'in' and 'out' of our card investments reasonably quickly, which enables us to keep buying when the moment strikes! Even though a majority of our current profit has come in the form of two sales, the fact that we are averaging that 30% ROI from almost all our sales means that the method to our madness is working, and we will continue to be aggressive with our listings in the following weeks! In the back of my mind, I'm also preparing for Select's next release, as I'm sure the created hype will cause some 'fire-sales' across the community, which regularly happens in that 2 week window of the release being announced and stock arriving to collectors!

Exciting times ahead for this series! Let me know as always how you think I'm tracking, and if you would be doing anything differently if you were in charge of my transactions!


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