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When I first started this series, my biggest concern was 'am I going to sell cards fast enough to keep the series interesting?' Little did I know that the buying aspect was going to be just as tricky! Due to the way we have conducted this series, I have to be really selective with what we buy due to the fact we MUST sell every card we buy through eBay. After last week's article, I was crossing my fingers hoping we'd have a stronger buying week than last, and I'm happy to say we almost spent $500! So without further ado, let's discuss the past 7 days worth of transactions. If you aren't up to date with the series, follow the link to Buy/Sell/Hold Week 1, where we outlay the rules of the series and all of our early deals.


What could the NEW release be?

Houston we have movement! Since last week's post, Select have dropped a 'live announcement' with a teaser image for what can only be assumed as a new release. Depending on what that is, we could be working in a tight selling window for cards that aren't currently in high demand. But on the flip side, we could be about to enter a great buying period depending on the scale of the new release. What do I mean by this? If the next release is along the lines of a 'Prestige' type release, then we could see an influx of lower-end inserts as people try to clear the decks of their unwanted cards from previous releases. Which could pose great opportunities for us as we've already seen success with 'micro-transaction' purchases. However, if Select announces a premium release like a Brilliance or Supremacy, collectors could be forced to make some decisions about cards in their collections depending on the amount of money they're willing to spend on trading cards on any given release. Therefore we could see some discounted listings of mid-high tier cards for those collectors who are in need of "fast-money", or are more intrigued by the cards by the new release. This is quite common practice in the AFL hobby, and something I'll be keeping in mind after Sunday's announcement. It might also signal the moment in the series where we are buying cards to hold as we try avoid the "listings dump" associated with new releases.


Jason Horne-Francis Gold Draft Pick Signature 57/85 & Copper Draft Pick Signature 24/170, Optimum 2022 - $200

Even though Jason Horne-Francis was criticised heavily early in the season by AFL supporters, I think that the sting has faded from the whole North Melbourne situation. Horne-Francis has been a pivotal part of Port Adelaide's 13-game winning streak, and seems to get better as the season progresses. This is our first purchase of the series where I'm not in a mad rush to sell, as I expect Port to feature deep into finals, and hopefully JHF's performances attract increased demand at the pointy end of the season!

Nathan Fyfe Marquee 36/40, Footy Stars Prestige 2021, Jye Amiss Supremacy Rookie Green 06/25, Supremacy Rookies 2022 - $260

My collecting mantra has always been collecting the player, opposed to collecting the team. Early on in my collecting journey I did get caught overpaying in certain instances * Matt Rowell cough cough*, but for the most part it's kept me in good stead. Even though these two cards hail from Fremantle, I thought for the combined price of $260, the posed GREAT value! Jye Amiss in a 4-horse race for the Rising Star award, alongside Will Ashcroft, Harry Sheezel, and Mitch Owens. While I don't think he will take out the main honors, he has had a great season and should be a mainstay in the 'Freo' forward line for years to come. And even though Nat Fyfe has gone through a tough stretch with form and injury, he'll probably go down as the best Docker to date. So a card numbered to 40, from 3 years ago, should provide a decent return for the series.

Mitch Knevitt Supremacy Rookie Blue 02/75, Supremacy Rookie 2022 - $25

We finally got another eBay purchase! It's been very slim pickings on the eBay buying front, as we basically have to wait for a listing mistake, or under-valued auctions making up 13% of our total purchases. Mitch Knevitt was able to crack into the Geelong side earlier this season, and I thought he was pretty stiff to be dropped when some of Geelong's aging superstars became available for selection. Either way I think for $25, to get a Geelong Supremacy Rookie of a promising player, as well as being a 'low number', hopefully we get some reward for our eBay efforts.


Our new segment last week saw us move 3/4 of the cards that were 'overstaying their welcome', and looking at our inventory we don't have TOO MANY cards that are in need of urgent moving.

Jase Burgoyne Gold Draft Pick Signature 48/85, Optimum 2022 - 5/6/23 ($25)

When I first bought this card, I thought it was going to be an easy flip. But I've moved the price down on this card twice, and there still hasn't been any action in terms of views and offers. What's working for this card is the fact that Burgoyne is around the mark of the 'Best 22', seeing himself as sub in last weekend's win against Essendon. Hopefully some magnets are moved for this week's game, and Burgoyne gets a full game.

Gold Coast Platinum Rising Star Predictor 24/60, Footy Stars 2023 - 9/6/23 ($29)

The remaining card from last week's segment, this card needs to go now! There's zero chance now of Humphries winning the Rising Star award and now I'm basically holding a Gold Coast insert numbered to 60. Great.

Jack Steele All-Australian Metal 72/80, Optimum 2022 - 14/6/23 ($26.17)

Probably a bit stiff to enter this list, but honestly I was expecting this card to have some decent interest out the gate, but much like the Burgoyne DPS absolute crickets! I will just keep slowly moving the listing price down, but yeah it's a bit of a strange one.


Platinum Essendon Premiership Predictor 16/60, Footy Stars 2023 - $70 : $3.32 Profit, 6% ROI

Tim English Black Classified 17/60, Prestige 2021 - $26 : $0.22 Profit, 1% ROI

Sam Darcy Rookie Parallel, Optimum 2022 - $20 : $2.85 Profit, 26% ROI

Beau McCreery Rookie Parallel 27/115, Optimum 2021 - $20 : $7.52 Profit, 116% ROI

Beau McCreery Futures 37/95, Optimum 2022 - $25 : -$2.73 Loss, -13% ROI


So moving on to our Weekly Total's, we've pushed our total spending up to $1300 and leaving only $488.82 in the bank moving into Week 6. Referring to the spreadsheet, we've also made a total of $277 profit, averaging 54% ROI on each purchase. With 15 cards remaining in our inventory holding a 'cost price' of $769, there's still plenty of opportunities to make profit on the cards we possess, and news of a new release will get the ball rolling on how to attack the next month or so. The series now sits in position of +1277.06, edging closer to that $2000 total As always, feel free to comment how you think the series is traveling so far, and if I can be of any help to anyone's collecting journey, I'm more than happy to assist..

See you then!


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