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Finally Select Australia has announced a new release, with the ultra-premium series 'AFL GEM Football' set to arrive on peoples doorsteps in just over two weeks time! Therefore the clock has started ticking on this series to ensure that all our affairs are in order before boxes begin getting shipped and ripped. I won't give you any spoilers, but our cash balance has received a significant boost, thanks to the help of a couple of big sales. Which opens up our buying opportunities for the weeks ahead! So without further ado, let's dive into the past 7 days and chat a little bit about how I plan to tackle 'AFL GEM'.


New release, brings new opportunities! We touched on last week what the details of a new release could mean for the series., and we now know that the market is about to experience a premium release. What does that mean for Buy/Sell/Hold? It probably starts a ticking clock with some cards in our inventory, mainly previous series inserts, as they won't have much pulling power once new cards hit the market. Otherwise we might be holding onto those purchases for quite some time! So again, this might be a scenario where taking losses is necessary in order to free up funds for any eventual 'fire sales' over the coming weeks. SCC members have now most likely acquired their allocated box, with the likelihood that those people will try their luck with the public release. If successful, that's a total of $1200 spent on sealed boxes which collectors may try to recoup through the sale of cards from previous releases. During this time, people usually value "fast money" over waiting to eventually be fully compensated. That's where we come in! With cash to burn and time on our side, we will be scoping through Facebook and eBay eagerly awaiting for buying opportunities to present themselves. I expect after the public sale on Sunday, when collectors have a grasp on what the new release looks like for them, that we will enter full buy mode and can hopefully navigate against the 'selling tide'. Our strategy is multi-layered, but making sure we just focus on a week-to-week basis will keep us in the best position. If you are trying to replicate this series for yourself, you also have the added benefit of being able to decide how to best use your sealed stock. Whether that be selling your box on the secondary market, rolling the dice and ripping hoping for PC cards or singles profit, or even trading your box to acquire cards which have dipped in value. Be sure to let me know what you're planning on doing with your boxes and the strategy behind it, if there is one!


Cameron Zurhaar Marquee 35/70, Footy Stars 2021 - $74

After a couple nice 'fill-ups' to push that cash balance back towards its original total, I thought I'd try my hand at some eBay auctions which I thought posed good value. Ended up winning this Cam Zurhaar Marquee /70 for $74, which was found in Footy Stars 2021 as a 1:2 case hit! Safe to say not much of this product gets opened nowadays, and there were no other competing listings that could trouble a potential sale. Even though North Melbourne have been a struggling side of late, the math in my head made sense. Just a matter of if it makes sense to the secondary market.

Noah Balta Futures 55/95, Optimum 2022 - $25

If this card struggles to move, I officially tap out of the Optimum 2022 'Futures' market! I say that because of the sheer size of Richmond's collector base, and the positive sentiment this insert set had upon release. Again another successful auction pickup, but didn't want to pay too much more than $25. Fingers crossed for one last roll of the dice!

Kysaiah Pickett Rookie Card 174/195, Dominance 2020 - $20

This is the first purchase of the series which came from an eBay sale! What sometimes happens with big eBay stores prior to a new release is selected cards being moved to 'sale price' to accommodate for new cards cycling into the collecting ecosystem. I picked this card up because not only was it discounted by 40%, but because I think it has potential to spike in price come finals time. 'Kozzy' Pickett is an explosive X-factor player, which generally bodes well with trading card demand levels. In the past I've sold this card for close to $40, so with that knowledge I'm happy to wait on this for a little while, and sell when hopefully strike while the irons hot! Stay tuned as I'll be looking to cover a lot of bases in terms of potential 'hype' candidates in the coming weeks, as I feel there is definitely an opportunity to cash-in on strong finals performances.


Jase Burgoyne Gold Draft Pick Signature 48/85, Optimum 2022, Jack Steele All-Australian Metal 72/80, Optimum 2022

A couple of stragglers which featured in this segment last week. Just can't seem to get any movement at the price points we're listing at... If we weren't cash heavy, then this situation might be slightly more annoying. But I'm going to keep toggling around with different eBay listing set-ups so we use this situation as a learning experience for future sales down the road!

Nasaiah Wanganeen-Milera Futures 24/95, Optimum 2022

Another year, same old mediocre Saints. The past month has been anything but pretty on-field for St Kilda, culminating by almost handing West Coast their second win of the season. Max King is now out for the rest of the season through injury, so there's probably still more pain to come for the remainder of the Saints season. I 've loved what NWM has added to St Kilda's attack this season, rebounding off the half-back flank, but maybe it's time to start avoiding cards from teams on the slide and try to follow the hype leading into finals?


Jye Amiss Supremacy Rookie Green 06/25, Supremacy Rookies 2022 - $350 : $166.80 Profit, 128% ROI

Carlton Gold Coleman Predictor 115/260, Footy Stars 2023 - $225 : $58.05 Profit, 43% ROI

Nathan Fyfe Marquee 36/40, Footy Stars Prestige 2021 - $225 : $61.55 Profit, 47% ROI

Gold Coast Platinum Rising Star Predictor 24/60, Footy Stars 2023 - $20 : $14.98 Loss, -52% ROI


6 weeks into our journey of turning $1000 into $2000 and we are almost 50% of the way there, with still some big cards in the inventory! We've been able to sell a total of 20 cards at an average ROI of 51.5%, so our plan of attack for the most part is working! Let's hope the market starts to shift once all boxes of AFL GEM have been allocated, and we start to see some collectors begin to move away from "yesterday's news" and await what should be a great premium product!


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