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Just when we thought there'd be plenty to talk about in this week's edition of Buy/Sell/Hold, a crisis has struck (in the collecting sense)! We've now been made aware that 'AFL GEM Football' has been impacted by delays. Meaning that the product which was meant to be shipped on the 25th of July, has now been pushed back to the 3rd of August. What does this mean for Buy/Sell/Hold? Let's start discussing the implications of this weeks delay, and how it alters our plans for the next 7 days!


Although annoying for everyone who has purchased a box/es of 'AFL GEM', an 8 day delay for a trading card product isn't a massive catastrophe. From the bits of commentary I've seen on the issue, it's pleasing to see that a vast majority of collectors are understanding of the delay and are able to keep things in perspective from an overall sense. But I also understand the disappointment from those who potentially didn't participate in Footy Stars, and haven't had a release to 'sink their teeth into' since Supremacy Rookie. I'm disappointed from a completely different perspective, and it mainly has to do with the progress of this series, and specifically this week's article. In the lead-up to Selects announcement, I thought the market had reached a tipping point where collectors were ramping up their preparations for the new release. The level of urgency in the market was steadily building, but once Select made that announcement on Saturday afternoon, I knew all the air would escape out of the balloon. I decided to leave the market to its own devices for a little while, thinking that the secondary market would be a dead-zone following the delay. But this false sense of security resulted in missing some listings that I'd normally snap up, which compounded my frustrations. Fast-forward to the day after boxes were meant to be shipped, we are now getting ready to 'jump back on the horse', in hopes that the market can reach that level of tension which was evident throughout last week. We've still got plenty of cash available to spend, but it's now up to the secondary market to show its hand, and hope that opportunities present themselves. So as always, let's see what transactions we were able to muster in a week that had an unexpected conclusion.


Jesse Motlop Copper Draft Pick Signature 127/170, Optimum Rookie Parallel 72/115, Optimum Plus Rookie Card 81/450 - $55

The second part of the deal we mentioned in last week's article, we were able to secure this lot of Jesse Motlop 'rookie cards' for only $55! Although he had a slow start to the year, over the past month Motlop has been popping off in the forward half for Carlton, kicking 8 goals across his past 4 games. Considering Motlop was Carlton's only draft pick in the 2021 national draft, his cards always carried a slight premium given the lack of chase cards available to Carlton collectors. This lot however was very reasonably priced, with Motlop being a relevant player moving towards the end of the season.

Tarryn Thomas Draft Pick Signature 157/170, Rookie Card 229/250, Red Parallel 112/210, 'On The Rise' 263/350 - $77

Although controversial, I couldn't help myself picking up this Tarryn Thomas Bundle off an eBay auction! Since returning to the AFL landscape, Thomas has been quite impressive, featuring both in the middle of the ground, and more importantly on the score sheet. I remember previously moving his Draft Pick Signature alone for close to $150, so at basically half price, plus some bonus cards on top. I don't really see how we could lose on this purchase. All up to Tarryn Thomas to show why he has been such a highly touted talent for so many years. Fingers crossed.


Mitch Knevitt Supremacy Rookie Blue 02/75, Supremacy Rookie 2022 - $55 : $19.33 Profit, 177% ROI


Honestly this whole sales thread was a near miss. Went to go see Oppenheimer with my significant other on Monday night (highly recommend btw), and walked out of the cinema to find out I missed out on some cracking deals! Sometimes that's just how the cards are dealt (no pun intended), but the Buy/Sell/Hold series does wish it could go back in time and get amongst this sales thread given the chance.


Even though we were able to see some action in both columns, a week that was supposed to be an exciting one for collectors, has ended anti-climatically. Not much we can do other than staying focused, and continuing to back ourselves to pull the trigger on cards should they pop up at the right price. Fingers crossed that there is no more release delays for 'AFL GEM', and we can start discussing how the market reacts to the first premium product of the year. See you all next week!


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