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Select Australia have recently changed their submission process for redemption cards, so we at Card Authority want to give you the low-down on the 'do's' and 'do not's' when submitting your cards to be redeemed!

Select Australia have now officially gone down the route of online submissions, with all redemptions from Optimum 2022 onwards now having to be submitted online first before sending your cards off!

If you've still not sent off your redemptions minted PRIOR AND INCLUDING Prestige 2022, unless specified otherwise. Send your redemption in a tracked/registered envelope to the address stated on the back of the card along with a return post envelope so the card can be sent back!

Send the redemption to the following address: P.O. Box 82, Terry Hills, NSW, 2084


New Redemption Process!

Starting with Optimum 2022 Mirror Signatures and Dual Signatures and moving forward, follow the process outlined below to successfully receive your redeemed card!

  1. Login to your Select Australia Account, or Create Account if you haven't done so already.

  2. Go to the Redemption Submission page.

  3. Select the cards that you wish to redeem and add them to cart one-by-one.

  4. Complete the 'Check-Out' process, making sure you delivery address is correct.

  5. Send your physical redemption cards to the following address: P.O. Box 82, Terry Hills, NSW, 2084. Ensure you have your full name and return address displayed on the envelope.

Once this has been completed, Select will send you a 'Submission Number' starting with #SA. It's highly recommended that you send your redemptions cards in via registered post, as Select take no responsibility for lost or damaged cards in transit. NO RETURN POSTAGE IS NEEDED, as Select now provide the adequate packaging for returned redemptions.

Select now offer FREE Australia Post with Signature! There is also an Express option with Signature, however that will be at the collectors expense.

Select will send redemption cards once ALL the signed cards become available from the submission. Multiple submissions can be made however they must be sent separately following the procedure outlined above.

All signature cards will be returned back in card safe / one-touch encasement, with the original redemption cards returned back with the same protection that was sent.

If you have any other questions regarding the submission process, we also provide a redemption tutorial video starring 'AJ', who conducts a submission step-by-step!

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