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Following the varying viewpoints, speculation and assumptions, we reached out to Select Australia to get some clarity around the process involved in the images that are used on cards. More specifically the weekly Rising Star and Hilite cards.

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1. Select (including management and external advisors by consensus) pick the player/moment of the Hilite based on the weekends games. This is done without any knowledge of what images are available.

2. The AFL then provide access to specific licensed and approved images of that player, game or moment based on what’s available at the time from AFL Media.

3. Select work on the design using the image(s) provided by the AFL.

4. The designs are sent to the AFL for approval/sign off prior to the card design images being released publicly. The AFL have the opportunity to supply newer or more suitable images if available at this point in time.

5. The cards go on sale, get printed, and sent out.

6. Rising Star players are nominated by the AFL, and images are provided by the AFL.

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