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What Is An ERROR Card?

The topic of "error Cards" became a subject of debate for the AJ's during Episode 44 of the Card Authority Podcast! If you've missed any of the action, follow the link to to watch the 'FULL EPISODE!'

For those who are unaware, there is a distinct difference between true 'error cards' and manufacturing mistakes! Error cards are cards which have different physical properties compared to the rest of the cards print run.

These errors occur during the printing process, with some recent misprints including the 'Essentials' from Footy Stars 2023, or the Max King 'Influential' from Optimum 2021! In both these cases we saw printing errors in regards to the gold foiling. The Essentials cards came across issues with some cards not being properly stamped with the Essentials logo. In the case of the Max King Influential, the whole print run didn't include the 'Influential' insignia!

Some Essentials Were Missing The Gold Foil Logo!

From a collecting point of view, error cards provide a unique collecting opportunity as 'Master Set Collectors' will want both variations of the card! Take the Max King Influential as an example, for those St Kilda master collectors wanting to finish their sets, they'll need to buy the card with AND without the gold foiling! For those who aren't master set collectors though, error cards are a great point of difference for any personal collection as very few people will own the misprinted variation!

The 'Highest End' Error Card Ever?!

What is an example of a manufacturing mistake as opposed to an error card? Some eagle-eyed collectors noticed something peculiar on one of the AFLW common cards from Footy Stars 2023!

As the women's league has grown, so has Selects desire to include AFLW players in their various releases. Georgia Patrikios is one particular women's player to be included in the Footy Stars common set, however there was something strange about her listed 'Date Of Birth'. The card states that Patrikios' current playing age is 2 years old, which is obviously incorrect. But mistakes like this ARE NOT considered error cards, as all the cards have the same typo and are considered more of an oversight!

To finish, we thought we'd leave you with a topic of further discussion! Back during 2021 Footy Stars, the 'Bang' cards were released as the sets 'box-hit' and received positive collector sentiment. However one of the checklists key players in Josh Daicos, his 'Bang' insert featured a misspelling of his last name which infamously left him being referred to as "Josh Diacos"! All the cards were misspelt, however there was such furor surrounding the blunder that Select offered a corrected replacement as a result!

So what do you think? Is the "Diacos" Bang an error card? Or just a mistake?

If you're interested in further explanation, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW as the AJ's chat about all things error cards!

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