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The collecting community has now been made privy to Select Australia's brand new trading card release 'AFL GEM Football 2023'!

This is the inaugural release of 'GEM Football' which is a extremely limited and unique series, produced on a 180pt board, with 3D foiling and each insert card inlaid with a natural zircon gemstone. GEM Football is considered to be an ultra-premium hobby release, rivalling its predecessors such as Brilliance and Supremacy!

Release Details:

Only a total of 2525 Master Boxes of the 2023 Select AFL GEM Football series were produced.

Each Master Box contains 3 sealed Mini boxes with each Mini box containing 3 cards. 9 cards per box in total!

SCC order window is OPEN from the 9/7/23 until 6pm on Friday 14th of July. If have an SCC membership and DON'T claim your allocated box, it will be released for General Sale!

General Release opens at 5pm AEST, on Sunday the 16th of July, available until sold out. 1 box per account/person/address/IP in the General Sale. DO NOT order any other item with this product, as it will automatically cancel and refund the whole order

Product Breakdown:

GEM BASE - Numbered to 90, with 162 cards in the checklist. The GEM Base set showcases elite AFL talent on 180 point card with silver rainbow 3D foiling. One of the most striking base cards ever produced. Hit ratio - 5.75: 1 Box

GEM SAPPHIRE - Numbered to 70, with 72 cards in the checklist. Discover the allure of the GEM series with the GEM Sapphire cards featuring 3D Sapphire foiling enhanced with an inlaid natural Sapphire coloured zircon gemstone. Hit ratio - 2: 1 Box

GEM EMERALD - Numbered to 55, with 36 cards in the checklist. A captivating set featuring 3D Emerald green foiling and inlaid natural Emerald coloured zircon gemstones. Hit ratio - 3:4 Box

GEM RUBY - Numbered to 40, with 18 cards in the checklist. Adorned with ruby red foiling and an exquisite inlaid natural Ruby red coloured zircon gemstone. Hit ratio - 1:3 Box

GEM DIAMOND SIGNATURE - Numbered to 35, with 18 cards in the checklist. Showcasing refined gold foiling, a brilliant inlaid clear natural zircon gemstone, and the personal signatures of some of the best young talent in the AFL. The GEM Diamond Signature cards are truly an extraordinary set of cards. Hit ratio - 1:4 Box

If you haven't watched already, the AJ's gave their breakdown of GEM Football 2023, while trying to answer any viewer questions regarding the upcoming release!

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