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There's never a bad time to discuss 'what makes a good sales thread?'. Everyone wants to move the cards they have no need for, but how can you ensure that your sales posts are as effective as they can?

1. Clear photo's of the cards you are trying to sell (front and back!)

2. Ensuring that the serial numbers on all cards are clear to read

3. Prices and card descriptions are labelled accurately in the post description. Also including a clear 'trade value' if you're wishing to swap inserts with other collectors.

4. Including postage options and prices of the different tiers (untracked, registered, express)

5. The different payment options available to buyers (PayPal, PayID, Bank Transfer etc)

6. Dividing your sales posts into groups so that you aren't listing 100's of cards at a time. This can be done via insert type, price points, cards you're wishing to trade etc.

7. Being kind and courteous to offers in the comment section of your thread.

By using these tips, it will maximise your possibility of selling cards that don't interest you quickly, so you can focus on your main chases!

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