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What YOU Should Know About Predictors!

'Predictor’ cards have been a staple insert in Selects releases, however if you’re new to the hobby or haven’t been involved in a release that includes predictors, you’re probably asking yourself what all the fuss is about!

Predictors are a group of inserts which are directly associated with an accolade or achievement within the game of AFL. They are represented across all teams or players within a team, with supporters able to either acquire these cards either in packs or on the secondary market.

Brownlow Booklets, Nathan Fyfe, Tom Mitchell, Lachie Neale, Ollie Wines, Patrick Cripps
Some Collectors Buy ALL Brownlow Booklets!

Some of the more traditional Predictors involved in releases include the Brownlow and Premiership predictors. How do they work? Let’s say you either packed or bought the Brownlow Predictor of Clayton Oliver! If you’re a Melbourne collector you’re wanting the card regardless, but if Clayton Oliver goes on to win the Brownlow Medal in the valid year of the Predictor, you’re entitled to a redemption which memorialises this accolade!

What does a winning redemption look like? In the scenario of the Brownlow Predictor, nowadays winning redemptions are rewarded with the well revered and highly valuable ‘Signature Booklets’! Booklets in the AFL hobby are coveted as the pinnacle of trading cards, whether they be acquired through predictors or via premium releases like Supremacy. They will ALWAYS hold value, and for those who own Booklets cherish them as the cornerstones of their collection!

Collingwood Football Club, Premiership Predictor
Premiership Predictors Have Come A LONG Way!

Throughout this article, I’ve only mentioned Select's inclusion of Brownlow Predictors in their releases, but this kind of predictor isn’t the only kind available. In fact, the number of predictors collectors are able to acquire and speculate on is growing by the year!

‘Premiership Predictors’ simply put, are associated with the team who wins the premiership in the valid year of the predictor. Winning Premiership Predictors have evolved over the years from an unsigned commemorative set to a numbered redemption which includes a signature card of a premiership player!

Coleman Medal Predictors have only been introduced into Select’s checklists recently, and much like the Brownlow Predictors mentioned earlier, the winning redemption is immortalized in Booklet glory! Other recent additions to ‘predictor land’ are the ‘Rising Star Predictors' which are speculated upon the player adjudged as the Rising Star winner for that particular season!

Carlton Football Club, Rising Star Predictor, Footy Stars  2023
The Newly Added 'Rising Star Predictor'!

As Select’s calendar becomes more filled out, there have been opportunities in recent times to divide these predictors into rarity, for those who want to chase the high-end variation of each redemption. Currently predictors are split into ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ variants, with the Gold’s having a variable scarcity depending on the releases checklist and print run. However, the Platinum Predictors are much rarer and have had a print run of 60 in recent years!

Due to the fact that the Platinum Predictors are MUCH rarer than Gold Predictors, the price of each variant is reflected accordingly! This is something to consider for collectors when trying to acquire these cards off the secondary markets as most of the time, only one predictor in each category will be successful!

Currently, ALL predictors have both a ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ predictor variation, meaning there are plenty of ways for collectors to follow the performances of players and teams throughout the season.

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