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HOW TO: Store & Display Your Sports Cards!

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Any Sports Card Collector will understand how important it is to properly store their collectibles in order to preserve their condition and value. But what good is constructing an amazing collection, if you aren’t able to display it aesthetically? This article explains both the ideal ways to store your sports cards and how you can show off your collection with utmost pride!

Card Storage:

Starting off with the basics, making sure ALL your cards are placed into acid-free Protective Sleeves and are inserted into a Top-Loader .When it comes to autograph cards, it can also be beneficial to store them inside Team-Bag Sleeves which ensures no air or dust particles impact the quality of the signature over time.

Making sure you're storing your collection in a cool, dry place to prevent damage from moisture and humidity. Avoid storing your cards in attics, basements or other areas of fluctuating temperature by instead opting for a closet or spare room, which has a controlled temperature!

Following on with physical storage, it’s also important to keep your cards away from direct sunlight, as the UV can cause your sports cards to fade and lose their vibrancy. If you’re worried about sunlight exposure, you can purchase UV-protective sleeves to avoid damage!

In terms of storage for organizational purposes, there are various different ways you can make your collection as structured and accessible as possible. A popular storage method for collectors is keeping your cards in Binders, where you can categorize your collection in any way desired. If you’re worried about potential corner or surface damage in folders, there are now Top-Loader Page Sleeves which store your protected cards securely.

"Coffins" are a GREAT storage alternative!

Other good storage options include “Double Row Coffins” or “Shoeboxes” which store 100’s of top-loaded cards at a time. These are a great way to separate the cards you're selling from your personal collection, gives you the ability to differentiate your collection by series or year, and they don’t take up much space, so good for collectors with limited storage area! You’ve also got the option of purchasing a “Pelican Storage Case” which offers industrial grade protection for your collection. Pelican Case prices range depending on size and quality, but it’s definitely a worthy investment for any collector trying to preserve their cards.

Does your collection consist of graded cards? If so, there’s some solid options available with Select Australia now offering ‘Card Armour Graded Card Storage Boxes’ which can store up to 20 PSA-sized graded cards! There are now also ‘Graded Card Binder Pages’ allowing you to store 4 Graded Cards per page to then be sorted into your folders!

Are you looking for a card encasement solution without breaking the bank and having to wait patiently for your grading submission to return? CA Slabs offers a bespoke solution for the long term protection and presentation of trading cards,, at an affordable price and quick turnaround. Encased in high quality plastic which includes the latest in UV protection and ultrasonic welded water/dust proof housing, CA Slabs are every collector’s solution for presenting, storing, preserving and protecting your trading cards!

'Team Folders'

Card Displays:

There are various ways collectors can display their sports cards, depending on personal preferences and collection size. Repeating an earlier point, ‘Trading Card Albums’ (which are similar to binders) are hard-covered folders which usually come with decorative designs, team logos, personalisations, etc. Also providing adequate protection, these folders look great stacked up on bookshelves or other storage compartments.

‘Card Stands’ are a real cost-effective way to display your sports cards on any flat surface! If you’re just wanting to show off the absolute best your collection has to offer, arranging your cards on stands can be a really aesthetic form of display.

'Card Stand' Displays!

If you’re wanting to put together a ‘Display Case’ for your collection, there are options available at all price points. Starting off at the lower-end, there’s been a recent trend in people purchasing the 3-Level Figurine Display Case’ which allows collectors to wall-mount 20 or so cards along with LED lighting!

‘Acrylic Display Cases’ are the next step-up in quality and price, but allow you to display many more cards in the one fitting. An accessory that can really make your display stand-out, whilst also maximizing the cards you’re able to display is by purchasing a ‘3-Tier Shelf’, which really fills out your display with a clean aesthetic!

The top-level display you can opt for is by going down the ‘Glass Cabinet’ route. Even though it’s more expensive than the previous options mentioned, glass cabinets are still relatively affordable and become the main attraction in any room!

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